When you try to holla at a chick
I was macking on this chick and I was like "say girl"
by neworleans4life February 8, 2018
An expressions confusedable quote from my asian cousin...
My Japanese cousin: My girl looking fine, she's dark-skin hispanic tho

Me: Yeah but my boyfriend looking sexy, he has blue half green eyes and you know, he has blonde curly long hair tho but you know that, he wants to smoke but he really listening to 80s rock, but he's hot

My Japanese cousin: What did you say girl?
by LilSammie November 5, 2020
i think her name is yodeling or karen? idk.
anyways, she does tiktok dances but shes not on straight tiktok and i think she's dating @iamtiagz...
also shes post malone's daugther
-have you seen that new dance?
- yeah who made it?
-i think it was the say so girl but no one is giving credits
by yanniceano July 22, 2020
this means "don't fuckin leave you asshole, I love you. Stay here and love me back"
"Okay bye"

"No when a girl says bye its different, man"
by desper September 25, 2015
Girls must say yes to every and any question, this holiday is every "NOVEMBER 18" this day was created due to national boy say yes day which is every november 17
"Hey will you go out with me?"
"N-, I mean yes"
"haha thats what i thought"
she second guessed saying no because since it was national girl say yes day she had to say yes
by bsue isrhir November 17, 2020
National girls say yes to everything day is on October 15th. Anytime someone asks a girl a yes or no question they must respond with yes.
“Hey britney, do you want to go out later?”
“no-i mean yes sure”
“Hey jessica watch out, it’s National girls say yes to everything day”
by thatnarwhaldude October 5, 2021