bro, at raves the feeling of comraderie is real
dude, i can hear that you can't spell that word
by hhhhhhng March 12, 2019
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A special bond within a group that is in no way erotic or homoerotic. It is the feeling when other around you are set to the same goal as you are. This does not need to be a group of friends, but often comradery is a stepping-stone to a great friendship.
Chiddiq is based on honor, forged by friendship, and bound by comradery.

Even if you don't get along with your team, show some comradery.
by Quenton Huang September 29, 2005
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Usually but not always referring to the bond that forms between two males. Similar in principle to the relationship between to brothers in that the two men in question can always rely on each other even when times are tough. Sometimes clingy girlfriends get offended at the concept of "male comraderie".
Guy: Baby I just miss that sense of comraderie that I had with my friends.

Girl: But don't you feel it with me honey?

Guy: You're my girlfriend, it's not the same thing.
by Derek808 January 3, 2009
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The feeling of companionship that is felt between those riding in canoe together. High fives are commonly attributed to this condition.
I think that there would have been been more canoe comradery between us if we'd had some beer...
by Hoonier June 26, 2010
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