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To cause happiness, pleasure, or amusement. It is most often used to denote attempts to cause these to occur in another.
I love this book and thought perhaps it would gruntle you as well.
by Steve Palmer May 27, 2005
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when someone has sex with another person wearing a kilt or skirt

also a full gruntle would be a woman in a skirt/dress and a man in a kilt

Source: Bryan McLaren, Sep 1, 2004
"I just did a full gruntle with my guy while he was wearing his kilt!"
by Bryan McLaren September 01, 2004
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Verb: Used as a homonym for disgruntle, because it is shorter and still sounds like it means to upset or anger.
My car died, I am gruntled.

He gruntled on me all day!
by Zelliette May 17, 2010
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