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Grunny (NOUN) - A fictional animal on Name is a combination of "Green" and "bunny" which describes the grunny's appearence. Grunnies carry a poison that, when injected into humans through a bite, can make them into Grunny Zombies (Grombies)
Member1: OMFG there's a grunny on your head O_O
by Nanaki001 November 09, 2006
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A green zombie rabbit that was injected with the G virus. If you get infected by many of them, one will sprout up out of your head (from
All hail Lord Grunny and his green rabbity-ness
by D. Marie August 07, 2006
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A tiger like animal in the form of a Green bunny, with a virus that will infect you in seconds. Since it is a Green bunny, they have named this rare species a Grunny, or in the Alt universe,
A prunny. Also, they have discovered rare sightings of Gramsters, and many have been infected and have turned into 'Grombies'.
A: Dude, what's that moving in the bush?
B: Some kind of rabbit...
A: Wait a minute... It's a Grunny with a Prunny and a Gramster!
by TrunnyGrunny April 22, 2011
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something that is equally gross and funny.
person 1 : did you see when that guy made milk come out of his nose when he couldn't stop laughing?

person 2 : hells yes! that was mad grunny!
by alexa is BOMB November 11, 2007
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