A place in northern maine, where drug dealers do there business and old people live. There is more old people here then hot chix, which gargles balls. Also there are a lot of farmers here and posers who are "into" farming, not me though. When traveling here, don't take RTE. 1 unless you wanna stop every 10 feet to look at pasture full of cows or stop to buy some veggies. Aroostook County is heavily populated with trees, which most people cut down to burn in the winter because it is so goddamn cold here. Trees cover aprox. 70% of the land. We also have so much of a wigger population that I have to laugh at it. hahahaahaahahahahahaha. But it is a quiet place to live, unless somebody is breaking in somewhere.
If you know, a truck driver, lumberjack, farmer, drug addict, drunk, old peep, or a nascar fan, they qualify to live in Aroostook county.
by Aroostook County Resident July 12, 2008
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