A highy despicable person with no class, grub is a good name for anyone that is: rude, obnoxious, self centered, stuck up, diry, ultra conservative/liberal minded, slutty, sleezy, deadbeat, guy that cheats and beats on hes women, pervert, rapist, pedophile, bogan/trailar park trash etc
grub hey baby ur looking hot tonight lets go back to my place :P

random chicks: no thanks dont know u that well

grub: u good for nothing whore how about u suck my dick in the toliet and ill cum like a real man

random chicks: were im going seeya looser

grub: ill grab u by the hair and smack u in the fucking chops

random chicks: nice one u grub, TAXI!
by jx12 August 29, 2011
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Feral humans who couldnt be fucked pronouncing words correctly because they seem to think that it may infringe on the time they spend bludging $$$$ out of the government...or gubment if you prefer. Also prone to name their children after characters in "The Bold & the Beautiful"
Government = Gubment
Daughter = Dawwwda
Toilet = Torlet
Kitten = Kiddn
Cunt = Carrrrrrrn
Fucking = 'kn
Excuse me = OI!

"Ridge you 'kn liddel carrrn! If ya darn stop 'kn roun wif dem 'kn bikes I'll com ova there n kn' floor ya, boy."
by btrix January 14, 2005
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one who comes to the olive garden only for the free salad and bread sticks and complains so much that they stop the order; when the bill comes for dinner he will wait till theres change and take out more then he put in; is known to order only water cause of the cost; cheap
How are we short, Tony took all the fives again
by Big-T November 05, 2004
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noun. a person who frequently depletes resources of some short (most often, but not limited to - food)

see also (bogart)
that stupid grub ate all the damn fritos again
by mullett December 20, 2002
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Slang Commonly used in America. A dirty, slimy person who does not have proper hygeine, talks in incomplete sentences and generally as very uncouthe behavoir
Hey mom look at that kid he is a grub
by Jesus767 August 30, 2009
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Word used to describe the action of getting hight/stoned/ripped or twisted out of your skull on the dankest shit one can procure
Reefer 1 "Lets get some grub"
Reefer 2 "Sounds good to me"
Reefer 3 "Not that dirt shit that we had for the past 3 days"
Reefer 1 "Fuck no, I stole some from the hospital"
by [AoH] Reefer Head Clan July 07, 2006
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A stopper you put in the end of a rolly / joint to stop the tobacco / weed from falling out while you insert a roach in the other end.
While rolling a joint Annie used a smoke butt as a grub as it fit like a glove.
by Large Professor February 19, 2006
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