A handsome and funny guy he has a fantastic personality and gets with any woman he wants in his life but never thinks anything through before doing something stupid
Revo be careful he will steel your girl
by King15680 June 1, 2020
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A manual pleasure technique performed on a man with the hand flipped upside down, with the performer's thumb poiniting downward. This is as opposed to a traditional hand-job where the thumb pints toward the ceiling.
In the middle of giving me a hand-job she flipped her arm around and started giving me a sick revo.
by zrieck February 1, 2007
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(noun) In bodyboarding, an Ozzie originated maneuver short for reverse spin, done either on the face or in the air.
Did ya see that end section? He popped a full rotation air revo into the flats.
by davematt November 23, 2018
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Adjective: short for revolutionary. Similar to rad, and how it is a shortened version of radical
This song is totally revo.
by puupypuupy_puupy January 8, 2014
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new truck made by traxxas that hauls and is a really good basher just like t-maxx
dude did you see that savage get whopped by that revo man hpi sucks
by jake k July 18, 2004
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yo did you see revo with that girl wtf
by girlychick1254 April 13, 2020
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