A worthless, cute, wasteful, or cheesy copy-and-pasted motivational post on Facebook that no one, anywhere, cares about. The person who does the posting is known as a Grubberface.
Facebook should invent a tool for us to flag worthless grubs like "Yeah, Reading Rainbow is on!"
by UrbRC October 07, 2010
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A girl who gets with lots of boys and is well known among the community even if she dosen't know this herself. To be 'dirty' or 'slutty' without care. Usually teenage girls fall into this category.
You are such a grubby girl!
by Phallanges August 24, 2010
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Those of a lesser intellectual brain capacity i.e any player to play for a new south wales rugby league team.
"i hate them new south wales grubs" ..... "James maloney is the biggest grub in the nrl"
by queeeeeenslanderrrrr August 13, 2017
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someone who buys a razerblade gaming laptop to make beats, this person might also only have a very little amount of storage (GB) or NO graphics card at allll
look at that kid complaining about not being able to download omnisphere what a "grub"
by gangboiiii May 02, 2018
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