To be caught in the act of a crime or by your parents sneaking alchohol.

This word can somtimes help in situations of teenage prankery!
steve: Qick get this stuff in the van

old bill: oi oi wats goin on here then

jhon: oh shit weve been rumbled

steve: leg it
by rodam July 11, 2006
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Two different types:

Stomach Rumblies: when you can feel a rumbling sensation in your stomach and know that you're either going to throw up or drop deuce

Ass Rumblies: when you feel a rumbling sensation in your ass and you need to find a bathroom asap
ie: "Dude, that Dominoes is definitely giving me the rumblies right now"

"Stop this car right now, I have the ass rumblies and I need to go so bad I'm getting cold sweats"
by jevek December 10, 2009
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When your tummy gurgles and hurts. Usually, after a Taco Bell binge.
Man that Taco bell gave me the rumbles!!
by OoklaGeezus June 21, 2005
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From the story of Attack on Titan, Rumbling is a means of global genocide by unleashing the millions of Colossal Titans trapped within the Walls of Paradis, used primarily by Karl Fritz as an ultimatum against Marley and later used by Eren Yeager as retribution against the world.
Eren Yeager: Alright bitches, we rumbling right now!
by Gogo69 February 23, 2022
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The definition rumbling is usually caused by EREN YEAGAHHH (aka eren yeager) by summoning giant red colossal people that cause the so called “rumbling”
boy2: “no...ITS THE RUMBLING
by eaten January 27, 2022
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A huge brawl involving many people.
by Insaneaholic November 30, 2005
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