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A native indian hailing from Michoacan, and other northern states of Mexico whose name has been unfairly turned into a derogative term used to describe a "tacky Mexican".
Look at that farmer boy walking down the street, what a chuntaro.
by Ulysses Daniel Rodriguez February 06, 2004
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Mexican slang word, synonym for "naco:"
(1)an Indian or Indian-looking Mestizo
(2)an uncultured or lower class person
Pronounced: CHOON-tah-roh
That barrios is full of nacos.
by Aaszdraadtzul April 12, 2005
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A tacky Mexican that obviously known as ignorant, stupid, nosey, mostly a bigmouth, and has no education. Most of these chuntaros are seen in small towns, villages, and a ranch around Mexico.
A chuntaro will never fit in the city because he is close minded
by Payan C May 08, 2019
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A type of gangster cumbia. The dance can varey on where they'er from. Its usally perfromed with a group of chuntaro gangsters. Each one will take a turn in the center,until the song a over
Damn man I wish I could dance chuntaro like them fools over there.
by Sebi March 10, 2004
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Northern Mexico music style heard and dance by the "Cholos" or "Xolos"

Aka. Naco del norte
You like to dance that chuntaro style ese like if u were smelling the mona
by Ramdelnorte April 17, 2018
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