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the spanish used it correctly
The Spanish used it correctly to distinguish themselves from other white people.It does not mean Blonde person. The spanish used it to refer to White people with simliar complexion like those of southern europeans to distinguish themselves from them.Since they don't run with the spanish or have origin of spain, but are similar complexion they used the word gringo to notify other spanish decend that this person may look spanish or they may speak spanish well but that they are from another language or country, derived form the work greek, like they speak some greek language or something strange or wierd or hard to speak, the spanish used the word gringo in meaning that this person is speaking in greek, something hard to understand, or weird,like when the american use the word greek to describe something they don't understand. Now in this century, the word gringo hasn't been used correctly, Morenos people call anyone gringo that not of dark skin, or a mexican that doesn't speak spanish and there are alot of wrong assuption of the word gringo out there. Gringo was primarily used by the spanish to distinguish themselves and classifying someone else that looks white but comes from a different country of origin. If A spanish or mexican back in the days where to see a blonde person, then they would just call them guerro(blonde person)or if they see a black person, then they would call him Negro etc, but if they see a white person that looks of spanish decent then they would call him gringo, this word was used to distinguish themselves from from spanish.They are not going to call him Blanco since the word blanco referes to someone of white spanish decent in the spanish system, just like latino whites are not called white in america, you seen it White(non Hispanic),like has a spanish surname and who's country of origin is of the hispanic coountries, this was a blanco, but a gringo is someone who surname and country of origin was not of spanish decent but they look spanish( see example)therefore the spanish would just say, " he's talking greek" meaning some weird language, which they used the word " el gringo"

There are alot of gringo in the united states of American
Gringo are like: Cindy Crawford, Orlando Bloom, kate Winslet, Bruce dinkinson( Iron MAiden),Al Bundy, Johnny deep,Al Pacino, Robert Dinero, etc
Blondes are: Susanna summers, John Denver, Jeff Foxworthy, Paris Hilton etc
by whitt11 September 14, 2006
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gringo(a): A white person. which this word u can use it with humor or jus for fun but the mexicans in texas say it with hate becasuse everyone in texas is agains mexicans. even tho. they make up most of the population still la migra hates them. if u go to texas dont stare at white people cus they might jus call the migra.
at a gas station:
you stare at the gringo(a)'s car
"wow that a good car how much?" asked jorge
"what? its way out of your league go work in the fields" said gringo(a)
" man no wonder the iraqis hate u gringo(a)s u guys can be so greedy sometimes. damn u cabrones" said jorge

them gringo(a) are like trying to kick us out man que tontos son!
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