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The most awesomest and genuine dude on the planet. Sometimes chauvinistic but no one cares because he's just that interesting. His face is a boss and he gets all the ladies. Some say he's a greaser but he's usually in denial. You'll always love his hair and his soccer skills and will faint at the sight of him.
Person 1: Whoa that guy is hawttttttt
Person 2: As expected it's a Ganan
by Fwizmasta December 13, 2012
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GAÑÁN (last A accented) Someone of very crude manners, often uneducated and sexist.
Ese tipo no te conviene, m'hija, es un completo gañán.
(that guy is not good for you, my sweet child (girl), he is a complete gañán)
by thekingofhell July 24, 2004
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AN awesome person who will always be intellengent. If you mess with this person he will kill you
by gabesd February 20, 2018
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