adj. A blanco (pl. for m. whilst including f. blancos; f. blanca; pl. for f. blancas:) refers to a white person of any type of race, or ethnically out of any nationality.
from Spanish
¡Ustedes son americanos blancos y negros!: (You are white and black Americans!)
by Enrique Díaz November 8, 2009
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A derogatory term for caucasians. Exactly the same as Negro or Nigger, for a person of African descent. White people are only allowed to use it, just as black people are the only ones who can say 'Nigger.' It's only fair.
White Guy one: "Sup blanco, how was that movie with Ron Jeremy?"

White Guy two: "Fuck Ron Jeremy, that blanco's got the biggest dick out of all the blancos"
by pringlekid April 11, 2010
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A Latin male with light skin. His body is 100% A1. A new race in society. He's born in cloud nine. He's every girl's primal and secret desire. The girls ultimately grow into moderate shock. So many girls love him that he becomes numb. Gangs lean on him his whole lifetime. He creates the ozone for fuck-boys (dick-suckers). If a girl doesn't like him it's because she's a lesbian. He's exceptionally versatile. Move your old and rusty dick as far back off of a G's grill. If your not Hispanic and you call yourself blanco your instantly transformed into his bitch. He only speaks to females with eye contact.
Guy- "Who's that rich dude?"

Girl- "He's a blanco."

Guy- "Oh."
by umbreonxxx August 17, 2019
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Simply, the word in spanish for 'white'. Some people in Latin America call caucasian people blancos since we -latin ppl, are darker than them, and they're actually white!
So yeah, its not racist itself, but would be used in that way by negros.
mira a ese man allá, es super blanco!! "Look at that guy over there, he's very blanco!!"
by Leonela August 24, 2006
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BLANCO is white in Spanish and it refered to someone as" el Blanco" or the white guy. Spanish and those of spanish decent( Latin Whites)call themselves White for simplicity, even though there are other races of light skin, these people are plain in complexion with no heavy distinguishes except excessive hair on body, eye brows etc. Plain people includes people from a thin brown( like those of latin america, somewhat little mixed with Indian but still have round eyes, thin lips, head structure is = head height is twice as long as head width and a caucasian body)and extend to cream white, to snow white milk complexion, brown eyes and brown hair. Although now poeple could have light blonde hair with browns eyes or blue eyes with brown hair and somewhat close to a similar complexion to those of southern europeans. Blondes unmixed or natually, have a yellow to very dark yellow skin texture or orange -red complexion, may have freckles in arm, body and face with narrow head structure as well as nose. Majority are mixed though,and maybe more than half will consider themselves as being part of the white race, but knowing they will still be called Guerro's even they display a good portion of blonde,usually will be called Guerrito or Guerrita implying they are not 100 percent blonde but this white person does have some blonde in them and this portion of blonde comes from the people of scandanavian decent.These are also White Asian, many have a milk type complexion but only differ in texture skin.But since these people are distinguishable because of there oriental eye they are not called white for simplicity like those of southern europeans plain poeple. Also white Asian and very simliar to dark Asians as well in bone stucture and eye formation thus called Orinetal people or Asian, or Mongoloids or they can get more narrow in saying he's japanese or Korean or Chinese or from Thailan etc. Europeans region popele are called caucasian and the word white is used very losely, very losely! Since if you call a blond person white, Then what about the southern europeans plain people?
But White and yellow are both under light color and that's why these two groups are under the same race name caucasians and as well And in any part of the world, both of these groups will also be under the same ethnicity.
by California0 August 12, 2006
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whitey, interchangable with guero
when you come to my hood and your white you hear "dont come around here guero, blancos aint welcome in the barrio" this is before you get stabbed in the knee with an icepick.
by rabidj May 18, 2006
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Maybe Billy can help me with my English paper since he is a blanco.
by SpeedyDemon October 4, 2006
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