hispanic slang for WHITEY THE WHITE MAN. This is what they call you in spanish when you diss 'em in english.
Mira a la pinche guerro!! He thinks he so tough but he's just a racist loser.

Also the name of a recent Beck album.
by Miss maya January 3, 2006
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Guerro refers to a blonde person of scandanavian decent, with yellow hair, blue eyes, yellow to very dark yellow skin. May have freckles on arm , body and face, thin eye brows and narrow head structure. This is a word used by White person of spanish decend to distinguish this type of person. White, like those that came from spain to latin america used the word guerro to classify this type of person, majority of guerros are mixed with southern european decent and usually if they have a similar complexion they will refer to themselves as part of the white race. Guerros and blancos are under the same anthro-classification name caucasian,but since this is a very wide classifiaction majority of of spanish decent like those of latin america will call this type of person Guerro(blonde person, and doesn't necessarily have to have blonde hair, but there are called guerro because of there facial feature and complexion), the term guerro is also a word not used to properly, just because of white spanish decent has a little bit of blonde in them, some latin white will think they are of different race, since some have confused themselves as being part of the Indian race since many young latin white don't have the right perception.And some Indian used the word Guerro to call a white person of spanish decent or sometimes a Moreno(dark person) will call a white mexican spanish decent guerro to let them know subliminally that they are not of Indian race decent, so the word guerro is wrongly used alot. But the word guerro mean mainly of blonde race decent.
There are alot of guerro in the united stated.
by Las Vegass August 10, 2006
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Derogatory term used by hispanic people to describe caucasians. Translated, it means, "white man that shits milk".
Me no frijole. You guerro caca leche!
by guerro caca leche May 15, 2010
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