A fail group of teenagers hired by Cartoonnetwrok staff to create a paranormal show that COPYRIGHTS EVERYTHING from Ghost Hunters (Also known as T.A.P.S).
T.A.P.S has on show interviews with a black screen. The othersiders has the same thing and has a 13 year old tech. man (boy)
by Kunagi Sentra June 18, 2009
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a music disc in minecraft created by lena raine
omg i found otherside in chest 3% chance!!!
by amogussus March 16, 2022
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A person who has come from the otherside your country of origin
New Yorker: hey you see that fella, he’s an othersider.
Guy from California : I’m a what?
by Kffuiwfhi GUY September 4, 2019
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