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1. an extremely giant potent bud of marijuina resembling the Grinch's finger

2. an over sized conglomerate of a single bud of marijuina
"Dude, I bought the dankest grinch finger the other night....want hit it?"
by ish-daddy April 09, 2008
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An extremely long and particularly impressive bud of marijuana, referencing the green fuzzy quality of Dr. Suess' "The Grinch".
"When it was time to load the bong, he broke out that grinchfinger."

"Man, that plant was so beautiful, it had grinchfingers sprouting all over the place."

"Did you see that grinchfinger in High Times last month; sweet."
by Tim Coxmann, Halston Brownface December 23, 2007
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"Me and Ricky are gonna pick up some grinch fingers then listen to led zeppelin backwards, if you want to come."
by Pete Leg October 03, 2007
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The penis of a small dog or other animal with long scraggly hair growing forward off of it.
Dude, I was patting your dogs belly & it poked me with it's grinch finger.
by Little Lucy Lou Who November 14, 2010
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A long tuft of protruding pubic hair missed in the shaving process.
Going down on Jane in the dark, I suddenly turned on the light to see what I was putting my mouth on...a grinch finger!
by Dutchie69 July 22, 2011
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