Disgusting beyond belief. Can be used to describe how ugly a girl is.
She was the grimest
by skianaconda December 10, 2010
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a girl that has been passed around
a.k.a a slut
oh my dayz i hokked up with iesha last nigh

blud she is a grime she's got an s.t.d
by jokerm8 January 20, 2008
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grime- is a type of music which reflects on how bad life can be living on council estates in london. From gun crime, to knife crime, jackings (getting robbed), earners to get by.
grime is up and coming and youths generally mc in the grime scene talking about life on road and about the crack and smack culture in london and surrounding cities.
they generally smoke green (cannabis) as there is some really good shit going about and it helps combat the hard life on road.
they find it hard to live in the city as it is really expensive and they dont have jobs, they want to earn money in the game by doing hot moves,robberies and selling drugs but this normally results in having the police knocking at the door all the time.
they want to get out of this life and be someone, but generally not that many people manage to make a big name for themselves in the grime scene.
this life is a struggle and you probably dont realise how hard it can be as you have never been in these type of situations.

grime generally is about territory and mcs spit about merking, stabbing you, coming to your endz and causing arms house at your mums house.
youth"av you got d time blud
victim" nar sorry mate
youth"blud give me your fone"
victim "please dont hurt me"
youth pulls out a knife or a gun and either stabs the cunt or shoots him and runs away laughing
by L£@CH February 25, 2007
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a music that reflects the pain and the hardship suffered by inner city youths cotching in london.
It is the realest of the real.
If you chat shit your music ain't grime.
JME, Wiley,Kano, Roll Deep, No lay...dey are grime artists. Dizzee ain't no more.
by e12 gash July 14, 2006
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Something that is terrible dirty or definatly nasty in smell. Beyond dirt nugget.
-That fart is so grime! Flaherty crack a window man!
by Gilbert Jacksonette March 16, 2007
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Angry Chav music that consists of a repetative garage style beat with some scrawny, high pitched wigger rapping over the top about his hardships in da ghettos.
Requires an IQ of less than 15 to listen
Often played by pigshit thick chav fucks through their tinny phone speakers at the back of buses.
Grime MC:Yo yo yo reprazentin da ghetto and ma crew wiv mi grime styles

Grime MC's mother: Timmy stop that racket young man and come down and finish your alphabetti spaghetti on toast
by max w January 20, 2007
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To "grime" is to pick up a low value girl and pop her on the first night. The word is derived from the french word "grimace" which means grin or wince. A grimace is like a hoe in great physical shape but with some mental problems. To grime is to go out and chase the "grimaces" with a very agressive and cocky attitude.
"Ok guys drop your drinks we're going to grime at the club. "

"Tonight is gonna be a grimy night!!!"

"Let's grime!"
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