JME, a grime artist from London. He is possibly the smartest grime artist around, he 'spits' the best lyrics, he isn't as big as his brother, Skepta. JME has produced great tracks such as 'Serious' 'Food' 'CD is dead'. He puts a lot of effort in to his music videos and isn't your average grime artist. He hardly talks about violence or crime, if he does so it is in a negative attitude. He is a massive gamer and loves fighting games, however that does not reflect his personality.
Person One - "Man! You heard JME's new remix?"
Person Two - "Yeah, he is so much better than Skepta!"
by Ebonheart October 28, 2011
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A UK Grime artist who has great blogs on myspace and over 1000000 plays on his music player.
He is the C.E.O. of Boy Better Know and has made hits like Food, Deadout, Serious & many more
by Eski,Dee October 20, 2006
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meaning serious
derived from a uk based rapper JME ( who says serious allot more than your average man!

"You JME?"
"I'm JME!"
"was George JME?"
by Basket May 23, 2007
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Sed instead of "serious", JME! means Serious / Seriously
-"Ajay just got merked! JME cuz!" - "Ajay just got killed seriously buddy!"

- Calum : "Oi cuz mans just merked down some nang tings"
- Menzies : "JME?"
- Calum : "Yeh"

- Rapped by UK grime artist JME whose catchphrase is SERIOUS!
by Chris Menzies June 6, 2006
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A brain disorder that causes Clonic Tonic seizures and or little epileptic jerks. You can have seizures while being conscious or unconscious. Misfiring signals that go to your arms and legs. Meds like depakote could help someone with JME. Lights can trigger seizures. They can have Grand Mal seizures and blackout. The disorder can happen when the person hits puberty ( when 12).
Since I was 12 I was diagnosed JME. With out my meds I could have a seizure, but I could have Myoclonic jerks and still be conscious, it feels like electricity inside me, it's a weird feeling.
by poohder June 24, 2011
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jME Refers to Java Monkey Engine.

A really nice 3D engine for the Java Programing Language.
-"I hurd ur game used jME"
-"Ye, it does; and it rocks".
by Xhamolk_ May 14, 2009
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When a person is like
"man like jme gonna knock ur teefs in"
by Jonathan Mason Edison (jme) January 11, 2017
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