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To steal from someone, claim that they improved what they stole from you in some manner, and then have the audacity to suggest that they should charge you for the rendition.
Having plagirized someone elses work, the publisher tells the copyright holder that they had to make a few corrections to the literary piece and therefore the copyright holder now owes them money for the extra work of proofing the plagirized article. The copyright holder then realizes, they have just been grigged.
by Crooks Source November 06, 2010
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A term used at The Weekly Poker Club in the United Kingdom, where a player has bubbled the tournament. The bubble is the last remaining place that does not get paid in the tournament, the one seat before the money places. The term "grigged" was taken from "Griggy", one of the players in the TWPC Sussex area, known for bubbling many final tables and tournaments, and finalized that honour by famously bubbling the final table at the TWPC Final Table, with a £1000 first prize when his 9-10 push on the button, ran into A-8 from the chip leader on the small blind.
Oh it was so sick, I was on the button with 9-10 and I decided to push with it. And then this shrimp on the small blind thinks about it and thinks about it. So I decide to say "If you fold I'll show you what I had". I knew this was a mistake because he sparked up and called with A-8. An Ace hit the flop and I Grigged it.
by Pez Jay May 23, 2008
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To get Grigged is to get screwed over really hard in some form or fashion.
James got grigged so hard by Eric after he fucked his bitch.
by Mick-eye-el December 04, 2018
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