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The essence of snurch, (snail church) can be used as an adjective, verb, noun, or basically whatever other kind of word you can think of, but is most commonly used as a phrase, noun, or verb. It’s customary to say grick at 12am PST, as one of snurches rituals. Grick has many uses, and can be used in negative or positive tones, depending on what you imply.
“It’s 12 o’ clock time to grick

“I’m going to grick you”
“Gricks you affectionately”
by Kirishima! March 01, 2021
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A Very Angry Boy who’s superpower is explosions. Hes beautiful and his boyfriend loves him very much.
“Bakugou kept fighting even though he won the sports festival! What is that about??”

“It’s something about his honor. I dunno, go ask Kirishima he knows everything about him.”
by Kirishima! March 19, 2019
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A term of fondness for a character, most often from an anime, but the terms moved to other fandoms.
Some examples of how best boy/girl can be used.

Anime example: Omg!! Kirishima is best boy!!

Other fandom example: I think that Ginny from Harry Potter is best boy!!
by Kirishima! March 19, 2019
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