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1. in tabletop gaming, a small annoying monster that does little more than irritate
2. in LRP a particularly vicious and nasty hostile creature
3. in LRP a powerful or useful item used against players
4. an unpleasant experience (usually referred to as being gribbled)
I just got eaten by a gribbly...
by MrWabbit July 10, 2006
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In gaming, an enemy/monster that is small and/or insignificant, and usually serves no purpose other than to irritate the gamer/opponent. Generally associated with small and repulsive creatures in scifi and fantasy games.
My ogres killed a whole bunch of that type of gribbly in the Outer Keep.
by Sane Jack July 07, 2006
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1. A Texture of a number of raised hemispheres on an object's surface. The opposite to that of a golf ball.
2. A type of biscuit made with this texture.
That golf ball left a gribbly pattern in my forehead.

Can I have another one of those gribbly biscuits please.
by Paul J Brooks October 02, 2003
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A word used to describe a fat middle aged women whose vaginal area has become enlargened, sweaty and hairy and unappealing. In some instances, gribbly can come upon a female prematurly (around the mid twenties). These are the worst as they are unexpected. Gribbly is not just a noun but can also be used as a verb. Ie i have been grbblied or in the plural - look at that bunch of gribblies. Also as an adverb ie. My mrs. is starting to look a bit gribbly.
I went back to this girls house but she turned out to be a total gribbly.
by Mr Jafoolie March 04, 2009
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A real word that isn't made up at all. Greebo (which is a real word as well)
Rob is not a gribbly, but immie used to be when she listened to hawthorne heights.
by immie and rob October 04, 2008
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