When you look at someone and you think wow that guy's dirty.

This could be attributed to outer appearance or actions such as having a dirty mustache, driving an IROC or wearing an acid washed jean jacket.

Also can be used when referring to a meal, such as a KFC double down, or a super big mac followed by a 20 piece chicken mcnugget.
Look at that gressy son'a'bitch over there... Soo greesy!

That meal was greesy!
by bobbyDbo March 24, 2011
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-- The name given to someone you first really fooled around with.

-- You know it happened, but are damn embarrassed.

-- This person is usually a bit nasty.

-- "The one...? wtf"

-- A name given if you are Chrissy French.
Damn. I remember greesy...good times. Now that was fun.
by orange_cone January 27, 2010
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The greesy gang is a supreme order made up of the worlds most important people they have the author to do whatever they want because they are better than most people but the exption is that you greesy hair they believe in the god harrambe they will do anything for him
Dude the greesy gang is the new supreme order
by Meme_man July 12, 2017
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Upcoming Clothing Brand and Soundcloud music known specifically for his wisdom.
G-greesy Clothing Inc. is my favorite clothing brand!
by Paddster September 24, 2019
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What you call an absolute legend.
Random person: *does something legendary*
Peers: Dang G-greesy
by GrossSock June 20, 2020
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While a male is recieving oral sex from an angry female to get her back he stick his thumb in her rectum and while shes giving him the 'oh shit theres a thumb in my butthole face' he squirts his hot juicy load into her nasal cavity thus rendering her useless.
My girlfriend was pissing me off so to make up for it she sucked me off so i gave her the greesy kayak.
by Beas92 March 23, 2011
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When you cum on a girls chest, then she jumps on you and rubs it all over your chest
I just got back from giving my boyfriend a greesy chest bump.
by dr. cum February 28, 2011
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