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also known as stoner etiquette

a list of commandments in place with people that smoke with others. These commandments are manadatory and the consequences = losing your turn, dealing with cottonmouth until other handlings and possibly getting last on the next bowl.

Rules are as followed:
1. If someone if paying for the weed, it is mandatory for them to get first hit. They must also pack the bowl unless the party informed someone else and got another to do it for them.

2. When passing the bowl/blunt, the person whom owns the pipe/rolled the joint will get second hit. No buts.

3.Don't bogart the weed! It's for the group to share.

4. When rolling a joint, don't fucking nigger lip it! It's disgusting and closing the opening.

5. When cashed, if you don't own the pipe, don't resin hit it. It's not your resin to hit!

6. Don't pass a cashed bowl or a semi-cashed bowl without telling the next person of the status.

7. When smoking a fresh bowl after the initial one, you must flip the rotation. 1st: To the left. Next: to the right. It's only fair.

8. Always share any food or drink you have with the rest of the gang, cotton mouth is no fun.

9. After being smoked out by fellow acquaintance, you must in return, smoke them out. It's wonderful karma.

10. Don't ever fucking complain about the weed. Don't like it don't smoke it!
V: Okay, who nigger-lipped it?
M: Brittney...
B: No...it was like that when I got it.
V: Chenoa! That's rule #4!
C: What rule?
M: The stoner rules. duh!
by Brittney Sade October 10, 2008

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a steel reserved beer that will get you fucked the fuck up in July. Hit about four bowls and drink the 211? You'll be cross-faded for hours. It's called poor man's beer out here but the one's that drink it know that just because you can buy it cheap don't mean it can't fuck you up.
S: I'm so fucking cross-faded yo, it hurts.
B: (slurred speech)
Have another 211 dear, it'll make you feel better.
by Brittney Sade July 16, 2008

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aka: "Da Heights" and "Slitrus Heights"

a nice, wholesome suburban area, with citrus trees, a nice Mediterranean climate and welcoming people. Until 7:30am: when people on the road become jerks, honking at you for everything, when teachers come to school with nasty attitudes putting other children in nasty attitudes and then those children go down to the Sunrise Mall to mess with Mall Security (i.e. Sly or Palmer) and score some drugs.

Citrus Heights is a semi-tight knit community and if you know one person, you know the other. Marijuana is commonly dealt and smoked here, second popular drug is ether. If you do drugs and live in Citrus Heights, you run with people named Stitches or Amber. There is an amazing amount of rockers and elderly, damn near everybody has a cell phone that has some kind of malfunction and everyone knows someone that shouldn't be doing something they're doing at the moment.

At the center of Citrus Heights:
San Juan High
Sunrise Mall
Tempo Park
Donut King
Rusch Park
Mariposa Ave
Greenback Lane

People in Citrus Heights know how to have a good time despite the fact that it's a place that's going nowhere. It's known for it's bitch-ass cops (Citrus Heights PD) that patrol the schools and roads looking for trouble makers. Despite all it's been through, it's a clean city.

S: I'm moving to Carmichael.
B: It's not that far Steph, I live in Carmichael.
V: So? Why couldn't you have found a house in the Heights?
B: We'll find some new person, I even have a slogan...
C: Citrus Heights: Your Not Welcome Here, But If You Smoke, We'll Take You
by Brittney Sade July 26, 2008

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a biblical place in Israel where Jesus Christ himself was born. Home of Christian pilgrimage.
an awesome Scottish band starting in 1968, with hits like Love Hurts or Whiskey Drinking Woman.
B: Holy Jesus of Nazareth!
M: What?
B: Since when does Nazareth get radio play?
by Brittney Sade January 15, 2009

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city in California, known for it's Arden-Arcade area. The city is quite large and is well known for being unusually spread out, walk two steps away from Coyle Ave. you are now in Citrus Heights, walk a block to Del Campo from Carmichael, you are now in Fair Oaks. To a person from Citrus Heights, Carmichael is hella days away, when it's only a 45 minute walk depending on how fast you are.

Carmichael gave the world that preppy Disney star Brenda Song.
V: Carmichael is hella days away
S: I know!
B: Dude, it's not that bad, it's only a 45 minute walk.
V: Did you hear something? It sounded like a smart-ass I don't wanna listen to right now.
by Brittney Sade July 26, 2008

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(adj)- Poko is a word or nickname describing a very smart, sarcastic, no-holds bar type stoner. Pokos are constantly in trouble and take the fall when fellow friends get into trouble. Pokos usually have criminal records and mental health problems causing them to do things in repetition or become entwined in their nervous habits despite their demeanor.

Pokos appear to be at the end of the pack when they are usually the right hand man. They will kick your ass and then pretend like it never happened.
B: That was amazing.
V: Welcome to my world, why are you poking that?
B: I don't know.
V: I'm gonna call you Poko, cuz you poke everything.
B: Oh, no, it's just a nerv...
V: Alright Poko, see you later.
by Brittney Sade July 16, 2008

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the name for an unknown type of weed that is infamous for it's anger qualities. While on this weed, you won't feel high, but you'll sure as hell act it. Then you'll begin to think of something pleasant and instantaneously it will be replaced with feelings of hatred, murder and fighting.

It is usually sold in Citrus Heights, which could be the reason 78% of the population wants to beat up a friend of theirs.
J: Has the weed kicked in for you yet?
V: No
S: No
B: No, but I feel angry as fuck.
V: Me too
S: Me too
B: God, I hate angry weed.
by Brittney Sade August 08, 2008

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