A political coalition outside the standard two-party system in America. Dedicated to grassroots democracy, environmentalism, and non-violence.
by klynn March 29, 2004
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a second political party for the US.

stands for the issues the democrats should but don't, and opposes both major party's bullshit identical platforms.

greens can be distinguished from others by their amazing ability to think for themselves.
man, the green's would have won the election for the mayor's seat in san francisco if the demo's had followed campaign spending restraints!
by asdfjkl; December 29, 2004
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A UN-wannabe activist party that uses "Greens" and "caring for the environment" as a cover for their true agenda. They never get enough votes so they target (others')primary school aged children as their next supporters. Instead of trying to bring in and explain some decent policies, the Greens are quick to abuse anyone who disagrees, use shaming tactics and guilt trips, and invest a LOT of taxpayers money into things such as immigration, child sexuality, man bashing propoganda and their own personal interests.

The Greens are run by a shrivel of a man who is more concerned about what gender children are than improving the country.
The Greens Party promoted pre-teen sexting, how nutty.
Accusations of Greens Party setting bushfires in Australia to support their climate change protest.
by HbBrisley February 8, 2020
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(n) a wake-up call for both the Democrats who abandoned their party and the Democratic party itself
If only 1% of the people who voted for the Green Party candidate had voted for Gore, George W. Bush would have lost Florida and the 2000 election. It is in the best interest of both Greens and Democrats to dismantle the Bush Administration, and the only way to do that is to put aside differences and come together for purposes of the 2004 election. Even Michael Moore concedes in his latest book, "The Greens are in much better shape when it comes to true commitment and passion, but let's be honest - this is not the year of the Greens (and even the Greens know it)."
by fduck January 21, 2004
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A political party that believes in preserving the enviorment. Though its intentions are good it has attracted many people who are also wacko terrorists, such as PETA.
The Green party would be okay if it didn't attract so many freaks.
by Anonymous August 9, 2003
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Political party made up of overpriviliged white college students with a guilty conscience who usually know jack shit about politics.
by El Freak October 23, 2003
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A billigerent college drunk fest that takes place on the center gathering area of a campus ie the green, quad or other termonology.
"What is all that billigerent noise?" "That's the green party you dumbass"

"OH shit here comes public saftey and the SOPD!!"
by mmmhmmm713 April 1, 2006
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