The stuff that's in pencils, no people, it's not lead, it's graphite
i have a graphite pencil
by emily ogwin October 29, 2007
Dark powder typically found in pencils. Also used to sprinkle in toilet bowls to add to the darkness that may or may enter the earths gravitational pull. Not cool. Shady.
Me: I forgot to wear my suit to the meeting! I wore my Riot Society hoodie instead

Supreme Being: Yeah bro. That was not graphite.
by gladesofsummer August 22, 2021
Someone who enjoys the use of drawing implements such as graphite pencils shoved into their chocolate starfish during intercourse
Dude, I found our Brenden's a graphite Bandit yesterday, his wife told everyone how he loves a pencil in the wrong un
by JOSHWAAA93 May 19, 2021
a body spray made from 100% graphite. usually used by monks
hey im gonna run into bath and body works to grab some graphite monk perfume. want some?
by Tablecloth_wanker March 24, 2020