verb: grape; 3rd person present: grapes; past tense: graped; past participle: graped; gerund or present participle: graping
censored version of "rape" but can be used in christian minecraft servers
"im gonna grape you."
synonyms: rape
The boy graped the girl in the parking lot.
"STOP GRAPING ME!" yelled the girl, but the boy continued to grape
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by imakestuffdirtycuck September 16, 2018
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Shoving grapes into a designated area. If not stated where, it will automatically be your anal cavity unless otherwise stated.
"I'm gonna grape you if you don't shut up, you dumbass."
"Ok bitch then i'll grape your cock"
by m00nboi January 12, 2021
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There are many definitions:
Bay Area- Some really good marijuana, or sometimes it is used to be a name for thizz pills.

Grapes are also Jordan Retro 5's.
"DAMN! Those stupid white boy's scuffed my fucking GRAPES! All because they are jealous and can't afford this shit"

by Jammal Lewis March 07, 2008
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it is rape with a silent g if front because the rape was silent
Steve: dude i graped your mother last night
Jack: i didn't hear you do that
Steve: that's the point
by the grapeist January 24, 2013
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Why the fuck are you looking up the definition of grape you retarded inbred fuck??? Why don't you just walk over to your fridge And take a goddamn grape out of it and take a nice long look at it. You now know what a grape is. Congratulations.
1.)I fucking love grapes. 2.)I am on urban dictionary looking at the definition of grape; therefore I am a retarded inbred fuck.
by The foghat March 16, 2014
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the most despised flavor of any candy
every time i buy a bag of skittles, half of the stuff inside is grape flavor......

by bobertdude February 03, 2008
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