What the grapist does to children, most often, in the mouth.

Popularized by the hilarious youtube video by the Whitest Kids U Know (WKUK), the grapist grapes children. It is in fact what he does.
1. Grapes the kids

2. Open wide kids, cuz I am going to grape you in the mouth.

3. "Not that girl, she is totally asking for it."
"Look at her, she is begging to get graped."
"Look at what she is wearing."
"Look at what she is wearing?!?!"
"It's purple."

4. A grape whistle really

5. OK! When I finish graping you I am going to go upstairs and grape your mother and father and then I am going to take your whole family down to the basement and grape you for decades and decades and decades.

6.I'm going to tie you to the radiator and grape you.

7. The Grapist, that's his name?

8. "Grape them"... "Its sounds to me like... he is going... to rape them"
by the_grapist November 07, 2009
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to rape someone by putting a couple of fingers up into her and rubbing her g-spot until she cums, usually while a couple of other guys are holding her in place.
I graped Sally while Mike and Dave held her. She was like embarrassed to tears at how hard she came.
by Mark February 17, 2005
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G'rape (Gee Ray puh) When a gangsta or as many are called "OG" is held down , his baggy pants pulled round his ankles and his rectum repeatedly penetrated by any sort of object that will convienently fit it the anal cannal.
Linda and Suzie snuck up on Cliff , the "Og" and forced him on the ground , they then commenced to de pantsing the burly fellow and inserting a Miller Lite bottle into his rectum repeatedly. therefore Cliff was a victem of G'rape
by BluKat420 December 28, 2009
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an aphrodesiac
Singer 2: I just ate a grape and I jizzed in my pants.
by garfieldluvr137 December 14, 2008
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The combined act of groping and rape. Usually done by leprechauns.
The leprechauns just had a grape fest over here.
by the-Vampire January 11, 2009
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The name given to prolapsed haemorrhoids, particularly when thrombosed due to the similar appearance.
Damn my grapes are playing up. Pass me that rubber ring, I need to sit down.
by Doctor N November 14, 2009
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