A hipster term for a person who takes photos on their phone - usually an iPhone, to post to Instagram. (Noun)
"Last night I met this grammer - at a pop-up bar, that I follow on Instagram! He has like 5K followers! I'm so cool"

"Look at that grammer gramming his parrots lunch"
by Wise young one October 22, 2014
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The ironic and usually intentional misspelling of the word "grammar".
by iEatElders March 29, 2018
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One who dispenses or consumes illegal drugs, especially those that are packaged in small quantities.
Someone broke into my car last night. I think it was those grammers living downstairs.
by DagobahDave September 4, 2011
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Someone who does it for the gram. Cole bought a new pair of kicks so he had to climb a building and post a pic for intagram. Grammers post regularly to instagram and often use their posts to generate income.
The alley behind my building is usually full of grammers trying to look hard.
by @meltintothesea October 21, 2017
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Isn't it ironic that this term is spelled incorrectly?
Society has really degenerated...
by cubicle October 10, 2004
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A wannabe Grammar Nazi who uses incorrect grammar but fails to see the error in his/her own typing, yet always criticizes others' grammar errors. They can be characterized by the idiom: Pot calling the kettle black.
im a grammer nazi
by RealGrammarNazi May 19, 2010
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