a mix between being grilled and hammered. when you are high and drunk at the same time.
Gene: Dude, I just smoked a blunt, had a few beers and took a few shots.

Carl: Yo man, you are deffinately grammered.
by nikk3r March 2, 2009
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Grammer, an unconventional and incorrect way of spelling grammar, often used by those who are of SNCO rank in the ADF
"Other than the poor grammer, not sure the last paragraph satisfies the OC intent" - Anonymous (but not really)

"Grammer by the pussy" - Donald J. Trump (circa. 2005)
by Jaded 3rd Year August 29, 2017
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A very ironic spelling of "grammar".
Philanthropist: And in conclusion, I think that this plan will end world hunger, cure cancer, and save man kind from war.
Dumbass: LOLOLOLCOPTER mankind is 1 word roflmao youre grammer suks so bad hahaha your such a retarded
by Enigmatical October 26, 2010
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1. Gr uh-me-r-i-kuhl adj.

The act of creating words that are not currently used in common lexicon for the convenience of those with a limited vocabulary.

Examples: burple-speaking while burping

merrh?-confusion expressed by pets

2. verb. ,

having to do with or relating to Kesley Grammer
1. I used the correct word, its grammerically correct according to urban dictionary.

2. That's not a Bill Cosby sweater; its more Seattle than that... Its Grammerical
by Phuckn February 16, 2012
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The misspelled version of grammar; grammer being using proper spelling, punctuation, etc.
by Grahamar January 15, 2020
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1. The retarded cousin of the word Grammar.

2. Sometimes even confused as a cracker by little kids.
1. I think mah grammer iz gittin' bettor.

2. Mommy, can I have a grammer cracker?
by Ready-Liver May 7, 2009
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