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Isn't it ironic that this term is spelled incorrectly?
Society has really degenerated...
by cubicle October 10, 2004

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Denton High School? More like Denton Hoe School. The most rachet ass school in North Texas. Where the halls are covered in weave, packs of apes and basic ass white girls. Where the teachers take bribes(usually from the border jumpers), and the dance teams legs are more open than the wide receiver. The assistant principals stand on the roof watching for people to skip because they have nothing else to do other than collect their cheap ass paycheck and yell at their kids.
Person#1- "I think I saw some kids from DHS on tv yesterday."
Person#2- "Oh yeah? What channel?"
Person#1-" Animal Planet."

Person#1- "Which school is DHS?"
Person#2-" DHS is THE Denton High School. With AP, IB, and I think the last time their football team won state was about 18 years ago.

Principal- "Why did you get fired from your last job?"
Teacher- " For the harrassment, stalking of students, I worked at DHS."
Principal- "That explains
by Cubicle May 16, 2014

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Some one who is fair, or the act of being fair. For an antonym, see George W. Bush.
Dubya only cares about rich bastards like himself.
by cubicle October 10, 2004

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