Pattern (morphology) of streets, buildings and other features within an urban area (Cf. grain in wood). Concept of importance to urban designers, town planners and landscape architects.
When we extend this town it will be important to reflect the existing urban grain.
by landscape consultant March 14, 2004
The term for really small balls (testicles). Very small relating to grains of sand.
Dude you now that Austin kid. Yeah he has some major f*****g Grains.
by JWshearer April 28, 2006
EliteEdge: its like against everything, is what it means
by Anonymous November 21, 2002
Yo, you got any of that dank grain?
by Asian Face August 20, 2004
Term used to describe weed in Toronto canada..
"a'yo dawg, you got any grains fa sale.."
by BLuNT April 12, 2005
The desired food of a North Korean zombie.
All the North Korean zombie kept saying was "grains, Grains, GRAINS!"
by jrcdmc June 19, 2011
There are a grain of people over there.
by HB October 25, 2003