Something that appears in type 4 hair (typically African-American hair) when it is not combed/brushed often.

The shorter and more common version is 'peps'.
You have pepper grains/peps in your hair.
by TheBessttttttt February 15, 2017
Old person, usually of grandfather age defined by an ability to nap through nearly any life situation. The term was given to describe the iron grasp such a 'grain grippa' has to their wooden rocking chair during such siesta.
Hit 'em over the head with a beer can or turn up the hit list as loud as you want, that grain grippa ain't gonna wake up for nobody.
by Robtor April 7, 2011
When an amish pretends to have money by sliding his hands in the motion in which people "make it rain" for strippers
Amish Guy 1: hey, look man, im making it grain
Civilian Guy 2: wow, maybe you should get a real life and make real money fly through the air
(Amish guy 1 runs away to his adobe house with a sack of grain blowing thru the wind)
by Amishdude34 January 9, 2013
When you have a sand timer for something and at the very end you slam on the top so 0.00036% more sand comes out for the next millisecond. Eventually adds up to about 4.5 seconds out of your life that you didn't spend.
My little brother was brushing his teeth and when he looked away I slammed the pussy's time so when he tells anyone he brushes for 2 minutes I can correct him 'cause of The Lost Grain.
by Ass Kicka September 26, 2010
Crying deeply and for long periods of time, coupled with both the physical and mental stresses involved, which leads to painful headaches or even migraines
I hate watching sad movies, because they always leave me with cry-graines.
by KAT12974 July 17, 2011