Gradu (pronounced gra-DOO) = Any unwanted substance. There are two types:

1. Specific gradu: You know what it is (e.g., the brown residue that is left at the bottom of your coffee cup after you have been gone for a few days ... It's dried coffee!)

2. Non-specific gradu: You don't know what it is (e.g., the round, wrinkled, grayish fuzz-covered object you find in your vegetable drawer after being gone all summer).

Man, that was some gnarly gradu somebody left under the couch; it trapped all the dust bunnies! Yuck!
by oroboros December 17, 2007
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substance a young child cheerfully picks out of his father's belly button
Junior, I've got a present for you - some gradu in my belly button.
by Snoopy Pugh April 19, 2008
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A very small gathering of debris or detritus lodged in such a way that two parts or assemblies can not come together.
There is so much gradue in here that these panels will not butt together.
by mto March 28, 2007
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To be drunk with someone in celebration of his (or one's own) graduation from college
My brother and I got completely gradu-wasted after his graduation ceremony yesterday.
by wordhero293 December 12, 2009
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