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What females call men that are giving them unwanted attention.
average joe or worse: hi
female: eww, get away from me perv

male model: hi
female: want my phone number?

rich ugly guy: hi
female: let's get married
by admin July 27, 2010
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Tabio'd (to Tabio)

When one uses a web browser to open a tab (or tabs) on a other's computer and fills the tab or tabs with pictures of Fabio the male model.
When a co-worker leaves the room without putting their computer in screen saver or sleep mode the computer can be accessed without a pass-code, you then open a web browser on their computer and open multiple tabs. You then use Google Image Search, key-word "Fabio". Select a different picture in each tab, opening the image to full size and then hiding the browser window for your co-worker to find later. He or she has been Tabio'd
by admin August 25, 2008
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STT stands for stop to text and it is when someone pulls over on the side of the road to send a text message.
I had to STT to tell Ramone about the Strawberry Shortcake I gave the girl from the club last night.
by admin May 16, 2010
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Gurgyan is given to the name of the chosen one. He will succeed in later life and will be a major pimp. He will pimp anything he sees. People regularly copy him because they want to be him. He is a trendsetter and always will be.
Sometimes copying him is hard to resist, but to those who do, they are weak, unsatisfied with their weight and have excess facial hair.
by admin March 03, 2005
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When someone is fucked into their asshole
Joanna got asshole fucked by a big dick yesterday
by admin March 07, 2013
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Friendliest, Trustful, and Loyal RS player you may ever know.
OMG, Raiden Blade i love your band!
by Admin February 21, 2005
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Teh homoghey wannabe American on LS2.com.
Kuba like to flex in front of the mirror.
by Admin April 30, 2004
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