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The area between your ball sac and your butt hole.
If you took a shit in the woods and whiped your ass with a stick, you might get sap on your gouch.
by Mike Hawk March 17, 2003

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very sexy tart. loves to flaunt her tits.
jennifer love hewitt is hot, but loose
by mike hawk March 27, 2005

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When one receives felecio from a clown
"At my kids birthday party i got a blowzo from that clown"
by Mike Hawk September 21, 2003

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pads made by ROCA-A-FELLA, for use on the poontang.
These ROCA-PADS will keep yo flow fuckin tizzie
by Mike Hawk May 21, 2003

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Greasy little freaks that hide pickles in the sky
John: where did all the pickles go
Jeff: the fuckin sith probably hid them in the sky
by Mike hawk June 11, 2012

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a fag that tries to be hard kore, but runs instead of fights
jeff houlahan if the biggest fuckin wanksta, runs from the smallest crew.
by mike hawk June 09, 2003

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bmx forum for the 1337, a place where the old and young gather to ramble and talk about everything and nothing and best of all YOU cant join, take it
so i stuck it in her butt and peed, leaned back, pushed with my arms and roached the tyres out of there, tried kazaa, and searched google only to end up at bmxboard.com
by mike hawk February 21, 2005

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