yo kid, we gotsta go to that party tonight, its gonna be off tha hook
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A bastardization of "got to", which is by itself a bastardization of "have to." Used by American ethnic-thugs and wannabees who are too stupid and/or lazy to speak English.
I gotsta go to work
by RedBeard June 24, 2003
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When you MUST or HAVE to do something, yo' jus' gotsta do it.
"I jus' gotsta do my biznazz, how else am I gunna get paid."
"I jus' gotsta get me a hitta dat philly blunt axion."
by Diego September 09, 2003
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A bastardization of "has to be severely punished" and is used when someone has done something unforgivable.
Chode: Damn man, I caught my ho with some other dood that was wearin' a mask in mah bed!

Man that was wearing mask: Fo' real?! Whatcha gonna do now?

Chode: That hobag gotsta get got! I'm gonna Chris Brown that bitch!

by Nate of Fate March 10, 2009
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backup phrase used to alert someone of their wayward actions.
Girl: Oh shit, I just backed straight into that ambulance!
Guy: Umhmm. You gotsta be mo careful!!
by liljesus May 26, 2008
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