Caller: Do you understand what I am saying.
Reciever: Ya, Gotcha.
by buddy November 22, 2003
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A proverbial pitfall. Something that has negative consequences that are easily overlooked.
A common gotcha is forgetting to push in the fuel cutoff.
A common gotcha is to rely on the computer and not check its output.
by Hans A. November 16, 2015
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An individual sport played mainly in basements and hotel banquet rooms. Men square off against each other naked. Points are scored by obtaining a firm grip on another player's meatsicle. Bonus points are awarded for special moves or handicaps. Some of these include the Tallahassee Trap Door or playing with lubed rubber gloves. Upon execution of a full fist grip, it is a custom to belittle your opponent by screaming GOTCHA!
I pissed blood for a week from the last Gotcha Tournament.
by Bledsoe July 08, 2011
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The perfect word to kill a conversation you don't feel like having. When texted, it's effects are similar to a singular "haha," "nice," and "cool."
Boy: Hey, Candice, how's it going?
Girl: Good.
Boy: A bunch of us are going to the movies later if you want to come with.
Girl: I have a lot of stuff to do. I'll let you know tho.
Boy: Ok! We're going to see Star Wars. It's sold out but my friend has tickets.
Girl: Gotcha.
by BillStone September 12, 2017
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An annoying or unfavorable feature of a product or item that has not been fully disclosed or is not obvious.
The new camera takes excellent photos, but one major gotcha is its slow processing time.
by Domenic D December 15, 2006
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When a girl tries to turn on a guy by putting her hand next to the groin area. When you do so you say "gotcha". Normally done in the hallways, when the guy is unexpected. The reactaions as the funniest part of the whole "gotcha game".
"Did you see Evan's face when I played gotcha with him?"
by DefMichiGuru April 04, 2009
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Having to catch up in a to someone, or something, in a show or book series, or in a physical sense.
P1: "Man, we're falling behind in this race.. I gotta catch up"
P2: "Yeah man, I gotcha too!"

P1: "Have you seen the latest episode of that new series?"
P2: "No, I've been pretty busy"
P1: "you gotcha soon man, it's really good!"
by Dezzi February 10, 2015
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