A variation to the Houdini. While in doggy style, pretend to orgasm on the lady's back. (spitting would do) As she turns around to see all the heavenly glory, nut in her eye and yell GOTCHA !!!
Did Jeanette get surprised when you gave her the Gotcha?
by punkyqb9407 December 08, 2007
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verb. when you engage in vaginal doggy-style with a girl and you pull out and then stick it in her asshole whilst yelling "gotcha!".
I totally gave Amber the gotcha the other night, it was cool until she kicked my balls.
by Carlos February 05, 2005
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a male with a handsome face, beautiful abs and a great smile.

he's shy but when he knows he got the attention of the girl he turns into a sex god. be careful though, they tend to just sleep around.
oh i was i at the club the other night met gotcha, ya what a slut.
by laura2334456 March 29, 2011
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The act of making out with a girl and rubbing your hand around her upper thighs, lower stomach, or areas around her vagina. As you graze across the top of her underwear (if shes wearing any, fucking whore) you suddenly get up, say "GOTCHA!" and you can spit in her face, punch her in the face, or just go to the other room and play Guitar Hero. Rumored to be invented by Mr. Criswell.
*Guy and girl making out, guy stops*

Guy - Gotcha!

Girl - Oh you got me
by one lucky tounge May 05, 2007
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A progressive, a leftist, a democratic socialist, who panders to her/his base by gotcha-ing her/his political opponents.
The gotcha mainstream media were only too eager to point out that President Trump got a little carried away with his hyperbole.

But you said five months ago you didn’t talk to them at all, now you’re saying you didn’t talk to them about political machinations. I gotcha!
by Lock1984 October 21, 2017
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A Gotcha is an Male or Female that you see from a long way or talk to on the phone but never saw . But when you see them there ugly
"Ciara"saw this boy way down the street and she thought he was cute but when he got close he was ugly so he's an "gotcha" because you thought he was cute not! "Gotcha"!!!!

Romeo was on the phone with this girl. And boy did she sound sexy a dime pice so he wanted to she her well when he saw her she looked an mess she was ugly she "Gotcha"
by Danielle.E July 12, 2006
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When you realize everyone is dumber than you and not going fall into their shit trap.
by Yeahpicturdisclear October 17, 2020
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