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the town between bremerton wa and port orchard washington. also known as "kitsap counties armpit" and "the septic tank of bremerton" there arent many things you can get in gorst but you can get a shitty car, a tattoo, guns, tattoos, strippers, and bad food. you can even buy a trailer and take it with you so you dont have to live in gorst
Joss: "guess what happened in gorst today"
Sam: "what?"
Joss: " i got syphilis from a stripper at toys topless, i tattoo that says i hate gorst and a gun to kill myself cuz i went to gorst"
sam: "wow i wish i could of went to gorst"
by ghanjaking May 03, 2009
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Located in Washington state, in between Port Orchard and Bremerton. Gorst takes less than 45 seconds to drive through. It is known for it's numbers of espresso stands, which are all run by half naked woman. Such as "Espresso gone wild" and "Natte Latte". Also located in this run down, pathetic attempt at a decent city, is Toys Topless. This is a strip club which is painted every other month and still looks like shit. Rumor has it, a woman with one arm is the best stripper. You won't enjoy your stay at Gorst, but you won't have a chance too, because by the time you open your eyes from blinking, you will have already drove through it.
Boy 1: Hey dude, you wanna go to Gorst?

Boy 2: hahah. That joke never gets old.

Boy 1: haha. I know right?
by wlltl March 17, 2011
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The worst 180 degree turn in the history of Washington State.
I knew it was bad when i passed Toys Topless and the run down community college, then i realized i just passed through Gorst, Washington
by ZSlay December 20, 2008
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