A lame city located on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington State. Known for: high crime rate, hookers, meth, navy sailors, and the ever frightening bremelo. Should you find yourself in bremerton you have taken a dangerous wrong turn.
Typical day of life in bremerton,

Cody - "Let's go to Wallmart".

Leroy - "We did that yesterday and it was lame".

Cody - "Yeah, well lets go find us some bremelos".
by bremelo_lvr@yahoo.com April 14, 2006
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the most awsome town in the world every one should live there
i live in bremerton
by will vork June 2, 2004
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A city that resides in Washington. It is mostly full of seniors, african americans, and drug addicts. Most people are too afraid to move there because they don't want to get beat up by "black chicks". Often referred to as B-Town. It is a small and frightening town that nobody wishes to visit unless they are going to pick up their crack.
"Dude, I have to move to Bremerton at my grandma's house."

"Seriously? Sorry Bra, you're gunna get beat up by black chicks!"

"Yeah I know, at least I get my dope fix every weekend."

"Sick Dude! I guess I might as well visit you in B-Town so we can share the load!"
by Don juan Triumphant October 29, 2008
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They are the littest fam in the olympic leauge they eat together hang together and annoy everyone together. Nobody understands them unless they are part of the squad. They have an amazing coach and people who have each others backs. If you should ever be lucky enough to become part of the squad be gratefull because as soon as you disrespect them there is no going back.
All the schools in olympic leauge: dang they are so annoying

All the people in bremerton cross: if only they knew
by THEREALB-TOWNXC October 21, 2016
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The littest squad in the city . You will never see a more lit squad. They party hard and get women!
Robert:"Hey, are you on bremerton cross?"
If your not on cross youre a queer a$$ fedge
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A small community "college" located in Kitsap County in Northwest Washington. Also known as the University of Bremerton, this school is known for central kitsap whores/dropouts, and bremerton/olympic high school graduates. The students that attend often say that they will transfer to a larger university after a year, but in all cases resort to drug abuse and alcoholism to numb the pain of rejection and lack of a future.
Person 1 : "Hey where are you going to college?"
Person 2 : "OC"
Person 1 : "Oh sweet, Orange County in California? Thats cool"
Person 2 : "Uhh no.. Olympic College in Bremerton"
Person 1 : "I'm sorry for your loss" *hands him 5 dollars while walking away in a slow manner and later goes to unplanned parenthood to check for any stds he may have caught.
by OC Graduate June 30, 2010
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