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(Capitalized GOPpy.) A derisive term for a supporter of the Republican Party (GOP).
The typical GOPpy has been hoodwinked into voting against his own social and economic interests by Republicans' promises not to let men marry each other.
by I Can't Remember! August 30, 2006
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Woman with gorilla like arms, crooked teeth, abnormally large feet and thick glasses. Normally caused by interbreeding. Found in the backwoods of Northern Virginia, Appalachian Trail, NC and southern Kentucky. Also spotted on a remote trail in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
When a brother marries his sister they produced one ugly goppy baby girl. The zoo called the next day wanting to put their Goppy daughter on exibit.
by Quacker August 16, 2007
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Messed up. floosy. Sticky like something nasty, Slippery too.
YO did you say that fool, he goppy as hell he couldn't grab that rebound, the ball touched his hands, but they mad goppy
by Cacahead305 June 15, 2009
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