A "gooseberry" is a person who will tag along to a couple or a few couples, but they themselves are single, usually being an ugly friend or accquiantance who you can't bear to leave out as he/she will feel awful.
A friend who come with you and your boyfriend/girlfriend to the cinema.
by John February 21, 2005
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Phenomenon of being the odd person out.
1. Single gooseberry: In an uneven group eg. 5 people, two pairs of people are talking, with one being the gooseberry or odd one out.
2. Multiple gooseberries in one large group. Eg. in a goup of 6 talking at a table, two sets of people on the lengths of the table can be talking with the two people at either end not talking. Thus there is two gooseberries.
There is no limit to how many gooseberries there can be as any number of people can be singled out
by Norfolk and Chance November 15, 2007
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A single person (or person without their significant other present) who goes somewhere with a couple. In turn usually making it awkward for both the couple and themselves when the couple wants to do things such as making out.

In america, I think you call it a third wheel.
Kelso : "Hey guys! Wanna play monopoly? Wanna watch wrestling?"
Hyde and Jackie : No Kelso. Go away.

Kelso : But... I wanna hang out with you guys!
Hyde : Don't make me poke you in the eye!
*Kelso Leaves*
Hyde to Jackie : Now we can finally make out without that gooseberry watching us!
by ItAintHalenIfItAintRoth August 15, 2010
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1. To be unwillingly made a gooseberry.
2. To be unwillingly made the third person on a date.
Last night I was gooseberried by my roommate and her boyfriend. He just wouldn't leave!
by Michelle T August 23, 2006
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Every available hot girl is guarded by an overweight, unattractive female friend who controls access. Direct a question to one, expect it to be answered by both. Invite her to a meal, book a table for three. It's a package deal - for now - just figure how to get this friend away, even for a little time, and the prize is yours...it seems. She seems sweet, romantic and ready, but her friend dampens any occasion to an ordinary, social, non-romantic outing for three.
Her friend is a bland, bloated "hanger on" fruit who feigns sweetness, but is tartly near toxic to your potential relationship. Allegorically similar to the botanical, yucky, sticky, fat fruit "gooseberry" that spoils a tasty harvest.
Best advice - plan a blind date, but bring your challenged, overweight, horny, Neanderthal cousin to "sort out" her "gooseberry" mate for a few minutes alone.
Hot Girl: "I've been invited on a date but don't want to go alone in case I get turned on and have sex with him"
Obese, Unattractive Friend: "I'll come too. That way he'll have to feed and entertain both of us, but never get you alone to molest. Makes me a GOOSEBERRY spoiling his intentions, pirating your intimacy, but you're just leading him on, suckering up his resources anyway."
Hot Girl: "Yes, this is correct. Rather than tell him outright there is no sexual advantage to his gifts, he will realise my tag along GOOSEBERRY friend, who he has substantially dined, has reduced his amour anyway and confronted the relationship. Thank you, my ugly, gluttonous, protective companion always ready to spoil a young man's advance on me."
Obese, Unattractive Friend: "Always of service, my Sister, to frustrate male desire and your social advancement in such"
by Gabbro December 20, 2018
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A Canadian person age 14-21 that owns a Canada Goose branded jacket and owns a Blackberry. Usually these people have parents that are very rich and wealthy. Both of these items to these people are not necessary. They might as well buy a cheaper phone or a wayyyy cheaper jacket.
A Gooseberry will go to a mall every day to shop for new clothes.
by Mr Big Sanchez March 3, 2011
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