the friend of the hot girl who is never chosen first. She is always left alone and is very angry about it.

When given the choice between the 2 the guys always chose the prettier friend and leave the ugly big nosed one out of the cold.

You literally have to beg guys to touch the girl to give her a pity screw.
by wankerr December 4, 2008
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A girl you're aquainted with who when you go out together they never get hit on.

Usually ends up ignored for the night and is a major cockblocker when her friend is with a guy.

The hot friend will get complimented and hit on all night while the ugly friend is ignored. She will usually end up having to approach guys and then gets rejected ( most of the time).
Whenever we go out we always know sarah will never get hit on.

Don't bring her out, she's known as an ugly friend aka cockblocker extraordinare.
by pseudonym x January 28, 2009
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A friend of the opposite sex that you are embarrassed to be seen with, in fear that people may think you are together.
"Hey Tom, why dont you grab Meghan and walk over here?"
"I can't be alone with an ugly friend, what will be people think?!"
by John Portland October 7, 2007
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A friend a person brings with him/her to a gathering/event in order to make him/herself appear more attractive in comparison.
Girl 1: Suzy says we're going to Club X tonight
Girl 2: Shit, all the girls there are SO hot.. Dammit, I have all this holiday flab to get rid of..
Girl 1: We could invite Megan.
Girl 2: Your ugly friend? Hellz yea!
*Girl 1 dials Megan's number*
by catfight12 January 7, 2009
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A girl who gets jealous of the attention her friend recieves because her friend is prettier and has men give her whatever she wants.

The ugly friend is usually someone who men don't give a damn about. She is usually used for one night, also known as a "bust down" or grenade and men don't even think she's worth a kfc dinner let alone anything else.

The "ugly friend" gets jealous of the prettier girl who gets whatever her heart desires.

This leads to the ugly poor friend lashing out when she realizes what a failure her life is and how she can't attract a decent man like her prettier friend has.

She looks at her life in comparison with her Prettier friend and gets angry.

She realizes she dosen't have the brains, the beauty or the class to ever have anything of worth in life and goes crazy.
by 939333 November 14, 2008
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The effect of a person appearing more attractive due to being surrounded by ugly friends

Demonstrated, but not referred to as such, in the film hall pass.

The effect can be reduced by removing the friends from your field of view i.e with your hands.

similar but subtly different is the 'Hugh Hefner effect' where surrounding yourself with more beautiful people of the opposite sex in turn increases your own attractiveness.
Nick: That girl is amazing

Jason: yeah but check her friends, it could be the ugly friend effect.

Nick: (subtly using hands) haha!

Both together: Teeth?!
by Corrosive1985(again) September 29, 2013
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Damn she called you that don’t worry she just called me that
Ya that kid Tommy is The ugly Best Friend.
by This is the sad side November 2, 2020
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