Taken from an Italian word meaning friend, the word is mostly used today as insulting term for Italian-Americans. By calling someone a Goomba, you are implying that they have ties to the mafia.

An Italian New Yorker with greased back hair carrying a baseball bat saying "Hey Tony, get a load of Sammy Sosa over here!" to ever black person that walks past him may be called a Goomba.
This fucking Goomba better get out of here because I ain't giving him any money.
by wwwwwww jr. September 02, 2005
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1. One of the classic, easiest Mario enemies that is defeated once there is a jump applied to the head or a fireball shot at it. Sometimes, however, in Paper Mario, there is spiked Goombas that you cannot jump upon. In the classic games, they will not come after you but can still hurt.

2. A close buddy or friend who enjoys socializing with you.
1. That dang Goomba was what caused me to get Game Over.

2. Teacher yelling at kids: Listen, I know you all love to chat with your goombas over there, but what you should be doing is working on your vocabulary.
by The Eavsdropper February 01, 2008
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Goomba: N/Adj. - A Goomba is not just a member of a marching band, but a life style. Goomba can be used to describe not only a person but things such as clothing items and attitude. According to recent studies held by Zeta Iota Tau, 88% percent of the "Goin Band from Raiderland" consists of Goombas led by the other 12% (8% ZIT, 4% "Normal People"). Goombas are usually abnormally happy and or excited about everything that causes discomfort among the other 12% of the Goin Band from Raiderland. Be it rehearsing in the rain, freezing cold or haboobs, Goombas seem to mistake terrible situations for a time to party. Goombas (also known as "Band-o's" in other regions) are generally disliked by the normal population due to interrupting calm days on campus by running around with nerf guns shooting each other. In closing remarks, Goombas are unavoidable and seem to multiply day by day, and there is nothing we can do to get away from them. So in the end, no matter how much we wish it was different, we must coexist with them. Pokeaholeinya.
Goombas are so populous and useless. They are basically the mosquitos of the band, they are super annoying and suck for a living.
Example: Trey Love
by Cornhole88 November 09, 2011
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Walking mushrooms from the Mario games.Jump on their head and they die.
"Bep boop bep boop" is the noise that a Goomba's feet make.It's funny.
by TheWiggidy April 13, 2004
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The hottest Mario enemy ever created and I would totally smash.
Did you see that Goomba?
by PokecordWeebH November 09, 2018
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Forget all the rest of the meanings of goomba, this is what a goomba really is: a goon, a goof, a kook, or poser who doesn't physically resemble a goomba from Mario Bros. but acts just like one. You know a true goomba when you see one. For an example see "Mark Coviello"
Did you see that fool go over the falls on that small inside wave? What a gooooombaaaa! goomba....
by Point Loma Crew September 07, 2006
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A Goomba is a nickname given to a ''programmer''. However this programmer can't really code and acts superior to the rest of the community; often Goombas are mocked by numerous people.
Oh look at Goomba thinking he can code again what a joke!
by DefyGk January 11, 2011
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