42 definitions by Danny Peterson

A place where rednecks go to buy animals.
Do I have five! five dollars huaghlhslhlhxjaenhuvfhlkuhdchldefvljwbfjvhwlvwjv. I have five, do I have six six kjknskjcjnskksznvksnvkjdsnkjcsnvsnvnsjnv. Six dollars, going once, going twice SOLD, to redneck in the front row.
by Danny Peterson January 27, 2004
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An exclusive member of the Aqua Teens, although, he really doesn't do anything to fight crime. He is a good dancer though...
"Meatwad gets the money see, Meatwad gets the honeys G."
by Danny Peterson January 10, 2004
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The rapper who forever changed the world of Hip-Hop.
"It's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under."
by Danny Peterson January 09, 2004
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A name Chuck D goes by sometimes.
P1: Mistachuck did a lecture at my skÖl.
P2: Who?
P1: Chuck D
P2: Ohhhhhh.....
by Danny Peterson February 02, 2004
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An emotion you should fake to get a better grade in advanced english class.
student: Is it lunch yet?
teacher: No, but you sound, oh what's the word, PASSIONATE?
student: Oh, I am.
teacher: A ++++++++++ FOREVER!
by Danny Peterson January 13, 2004
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A teacher that will gleefully give you an A ++++++++++ FOREVER! If you say symbolism and/or society in a class discussion. It also helps to act like you give a care.
teacher: Tell us about this book....DANNY!
Danny: Well it has to do with symbolysim and uh, society.
teacher: It sounds like you give a care.
Danny: Oh I do, I do!
teacher: GLORIOUS! A++++++++++ FOREVER!
by Danny Peterson January 12, 2004
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