(1)a close friend or associate -- used especially among Italian-American men
(2)a member of a secret chiefly Italian-American crime organization
(3)a macho Italian-American man
(4)pal or companion
(5)character in mario bros

Pronunciation: 'güm-"bä
Function: noun
Etymology: Italian dialect (Campania) cumbà, vocative form of cumbare respected older man, literally, godfather, from Medieval Latin compater
I'd like you to meet my goombah. We go way back.
by bubu_ November 12, 2006
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An American-Italian slang word for someone who is Italian (origin:a God Father)- Currently also means any male Italian in a derogatory way. (also refers to Mafia guys) SEE GOOMBA

Funny how Ninetendo uses the term "Goomba" and has an "idiot" bad guy that bounces around.
He's an idiot - yeah, a real goombah!
What a goomba.
The guys on the Sopranos are goombahs!
by Adele September 6, 2003
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a) Italian/Sicilian word in NYC's Little Italy used as a synonym for bodyguard and/or sidekick
b) adj: people who unscrupulously steal money and then dig it.
people like Bernie Madoff, Nicolas Fouquet, Conrad Black, although legendary names among big nick diggers would be considered a goombah under definiton b}) above
by Sexydimma August 19, 2015
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An extremely overused word on the game Mobsters 2 Vendetta, causing you to get really annoyed/pissed off at the Godfather after being repeatedly told you need more of everything. He's never happy..
"Yo, Goombah. You need more heads" "Yo, Goombah. You need 50 more guns" "Yo, Goombah. You need 10 more Explosives"
by McOwners December 5, 2009
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a person who is behaving stupidly or in a foolish or clueless manner.
A child "pretends" to not know how to do a task so that the mom will do it for him/her.
Mom says, "Don't be such a goombah!"
by Cindy January 23, 2004
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A tumor seen on medical imaging, usually chest x-ray or CAT scan.
"He's got a bunch of goombahs on his chest film, which probably explains his recent weight loss."
by Slithy Tove March 20, 2005
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see Sardell, Stephen
Jesus Christ, Steve! dont be such a fucking goombah!
by G. M. April 5, 2005
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