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according to the "good times" theme song, something you stand in; this action in and of itself leads to "good times"
standin in a chow line, GOOD TIMES!
by bryant k. July 26, 2004
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Military, prison, or exclusive, rich boarding school cafeteria food line.
Van Der Hooven and Rosenblatt sneered at me in the chow-line because of people reacting badly to my music last period. So I made a face back at 'em, broke the end off my fork to turn it into a shiv, and vowed never to let 'em try out my turntabling equipment.
by Ninja Clan Lord January 03, 2017
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Sitting in the front row, directly on the apron of the runway, of the stage when one is at a strip bar.
When I first stepped in the bar, took a glance the stage, the strippers were so hot, I strolled pell mell right to the chow line.
by E.G. Noodleman April 06, 2011
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