30 definitions by Jim Bob

The gas that emerges is simply trapped air, for there is no gas production in the genitalia of a woman. The air can enter because the system is open to the outside. This highly specialized kind of fart is sometimes called a queef
by Jim Bob February 19, 2003
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adj.: being in an obese state, fat, or Ryan Chan from San Francisco
"Man, that dude is HELLA donut!!"
by Jim Bob June 21, 2004
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v.: 1.) to rub on a potatoe vigorously

2.) to ravenously gun down a beaver
1.) "I'm getting horny....time to hundle."

2.) "Okay, son. It's dinner time! We gotta go hundle by the dam and feed the family."
by Jim Bob June 21, 2004
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mostly midwest synonym fo jerk-off
People who cut off people in traffic are jagoffs.
by Jim Bob September 12, 2003
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What you cell mate Tyrome says before he tears your ass up.
"Bend over, Gabe. Im gonna butter yo' bread."
by Jim Bob September 14, 2004
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