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A spam sandwich - used to describe a mad person.
Person 1: "You mad spamwich"
by Jim Bob February 22, 2005
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A computer program that causes your modem to dial a number to a computer server. This is meant to allow the caller to access/download files from the server.

Almost all dialers are for pornography. They may claim to be free, but always go to long-distance telephone numbers. These numbers are usually equivalent to 1-900 numbers in the U.S. (the numbers vary from county to country). The caller can end up paying a ridiculous amount of money in phone bills.
After using a dialer to download movies of Traci Lords, Jim Bob was shocked to find out his phone bill was $8,000.
by Jim Bob June 29, 2004
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adj.: being in an obese state, fat, or Ryan Chan from San Francisco
"Man, that dude is HELLA donut!!"
by Jim Bob June 21, 2004
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mostly midwest synonym fo jerk-off
People who cut off people in traffic are jagoffs.
by Jim Bob September 12, 2003
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the state shauntel is in before he bones that one bitch, shanae
"hey yo, dyrel, Shanae says she wants a good ass poundin. Im bouts to get crunkdy crunk
by Jim Bob September 16, 2004
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