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Term meaning weed brought popular by Bob Marley in 70's used also by older stoners.
"Hey Bob hand me the "gonga". "ok sharie, hey can you believe we are in our 50 and we still smoke this "gonga".
by Outlaw October 09, 2003
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A Term used by people completely inebriated when trying to say or type ganja.
We need to get gongas-Cait
You mean ganja?-Tommy
What did I say?
by Cumintheeye February 16, 2017
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A HUGE ASS SHIT YOU TAKE AT A HOTEL. You can't take it in the room or you'll stink up the whole place, so you have to go downstairs and shit in the public restroom.
Brb I gotta take a gonga. Gonna be gone for about 72 hours.
by Nay Nay😘👌 April 06, 2017
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a marijuana, used by the famous bob marley himself...
Guy: Do you wanna buy some ecstacy?
Guy 2: No--strictly gonga
by Abdar July 23, 2005
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