A golden snitch (golden snitches plural) is a slang term coined in Toronto, Canada for people who snitch on other people, but especially people known for telling on other criminals while doing criminal activity themselves in order to stay out of trouble.

The term became popular in 2017 when the website goldensnitches.com was featured on CityTV News at 6 in Toronto, Canada.
Have you heard about Ramon and how he told the police on every drug dealer he knew to stay out of jail? That guy is definitely a golden snitch.
by GoldenSnitches.com October 11, 2018
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In hindsight, a better term for a great pussy.
Me: dude... guess what i caught last night?
Jordan: please not an STD
Me: haha no you jackass, i caught Sarah's golden snitch. took me about 45 minutes. then teh game was over.
by umbels February 4, 2010
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The small golden contraption used in the imaginary world of harry potter. The snitch is a fluttering orb in the game quidditch and whoever catches it is rewarded one hundred points and usually decides the outcome of a game.
by nuckfier January 23, 2013
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A metal ball bearing added to a paintball pot in a game of paintball, the stated reason usually being "to make things interesting". Ball bearings will usually "go in you", depending on the bearing and the gun.
"They're lucky they didn't get hit by the golden snitch"
by kzm193 March 23, 2017
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A girl with a very striking nose, a nose so striking it can be given Golden Snitch status, you want to touch the golden snitch!
Oh there's that girl with the Golden Snitch, I HAVE TO TOUCH IT!
by SazMac! August 19, 2007
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The act of pissing on a small Styrofoam ball and sticking into a girls vagina. The guy then eats the girl out as she clutches her thighs together to squeeze the pee into the guys mouth.
As I pulled Bridget's shirt off and pushed her on the bed I began to urinate onto a Styrofoam ball that Bridget would soon squeeze into my mouth as an act of maximum pleasure as an act of the Golden Snitch.
by Crackerjj540 January 10, 2010
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Golden snitch and I get some mythical creature you can find the forest in order to summon him you have to put down for a bucket of chicken from KFC and one piece of corn meal in the buckets he will only come out at 12 a.m. and his movement patterns are quite obscure he wears a long trench coat with no pants and different colored socks you can rarely find him wearing a slipper but that's a one out of a thousand chance his face is painted gold and his ears are shaped like the golden snitch from Harry Potter trademark one of his quotes is shut the f****** b**** dumb m*********** and where are my raviolis my boy he is a very good boy with a low chicken tolerance yet he has a high tolerance to whips and chains
Look over there! Its the golden snitch nigga! We must catch him for various wishes
by Golden snitch nigga June 14, 2018
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